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Instructional DVD

Awakening the
Divine Feminine

with Diane Greenberg


Sacred. Sexy. Unforgettable...
Just Like You!


An engaging hour-long DVD consisting of 12 chapters and 2 enticing bonus tracks.

Erotic Dance & Sacred Striptease Dancing DVD

Awakening the Divine Feminine
with Diane Greenberg

This is not your average “how-to” video, not just
another class on how to take your clothes off, or how
to strip for your lover.

The Sacred Art of the Striptease is an instructional
DVD created for women by women. You will find this
experience to be very sexy, informative and transformational.
Diane’s class is intended to do nothing less
than inspire the awakening of the Divine Feminine.

You have an opportunity to shed the false beliefs and
critical judgments we as women all have about
ourselves. The class is about stripping away the selfconscious,
judgemental, limiting & even self-loathing
inner dialogs that many of us have been carrying since
childhood. Ultimately, this class is about revealing
our true innate selves, abundantly sensual, exquisitely
gorgeous and absolutely divine.

Put yourself in the expert hands of Diane Greenberg,
who over the past 10 years has taught this remarkable
class to thousands of women. Join Diane and her four
students as she leads you through a powerful heart
opening meditation that provides a sacred point of
reference, then teaches a moving and inspiring class
complete with instructional demonstrations and
delightful performances.

This engaging hour-long DVD set to original lively
music consists of 12 chapters plus two enticing bonus
tracks; one set in an intimate boudoir, the other among
a gathering of friends one hot midsummer’s eve. This
program contains no nudity.

Please do try this at home!!

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Contact Diane about upcoming classes.


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