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The Sacred Art of the Stripstease
voted "Best Striptease Lessons" 2008
BEST OF San Francisco
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The Sacred Art of the Stripstease
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Exotic Dancing Classes & DVD

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Learn one of the oldest, purest, most powerful and magically healing feminine dance-art forms in the world.

Whether you are 18 or 80, The Sacred Art of the Striptease, taught by Diane Greenberg, is a remarkable transformative class that will empower, awaken and inspire you to offer your gifts, first to yourself and then to another. Learn what it is like to be nurtured when you offer your most personal, sacred art—your authentic self. To share this deeply, this intimately is an ultimate expression of generosity. When it is done, you will never be the same again.

Diane helps you to experience that YOU are IT! You are the gift.

• Find that you are abundant beauty and sensuality!
• Discover that you are sexy right now, exactly as you are.
• Learn with others just like you.
• See, feel and be inspired by your evocative self.
• Learn a healthy, creative, pleasurable and soulful form of self-    expression.
• Stretch to and beyond your edge.
• Turn yourself on and turn yourself loose.

Diane teaches ongoing women only and co-ed classes and is available for private parties and special events. Contact Diane about upcoming classes.

“Diane Greenberg truly takes Striptease and turns it into the most natural form of celebration for others to revel in. She's a high priestess of divine delight and inspires women and men to be witnessed in their full sensual glory!”

Listen to a free podcast, click"Expanded Lovemaking: The Sacred Art of the Striptease" with Diane Greenberg

“Wow, what a great time! The Sacred Art of the Striptease expanded my comfort zone, was healing and liberating. Your grounded energy and coaching assisted me to express my sexuality in a way I did not think possible. In the past I thought to do something like stripping would hinder my spiritual growth. Diane, thank you for creating a safe and fun space to allow me to step beyond my own insecurities, and the limitations of society. I now feel I have evolved to a place were I can perform the striptease in a FUN HEALTHY way, and still grow spiritually.”

P.S. I am 45 and my inner stripper is coming out!

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